Vinyl Flake Flooring Melbourne

Vinyl Flake Flooring- The Latest in Flooring Trends

There has been a stunning transformation in the design aesthetics of luxury vinyl flake flooring in the last few years. It is the perfect flooring choice for those who want a hard flooring plank option. With the diverse textures, designs and colours, the vinyl flake flooring in Melbourne is getting more popular. We, at Horne Industrial, offer you a comprehensive vinyl flake flooring solution.

Discover the New Vinyl Flake Flooring Generation

Today you have a wide range to select from for your floor. We make sure to cater you with the latest trends in the flooring industry. Vinyl flake flooring is one such introduction that is getting extremely popular.

Decorative flakes are the best option in an epoxy flooring system if you wish for a variety of appearances. Because the selected multi-coloured flakes are incorporated randomly into resin system while it is still in liquid form. These floors are one of thekind creations that avoid repetitive patterns of tile, including those that try to imitate a natural, organic appearance.

The flakes can be synthetic or comprised of natural mica mineral. They are available in different sizes for either a coarser or finer appearance as well as in a variety of colour and blends.

These vinyl flake floorings are more attractive, durable, water-resistant and cost-effective. In addition, the major attractions to opt for the vinyl flake flooring in Melbourne include:

  • Easy Installation

The best part of the vinyl flake flooringis that they are very easy to install. No hassles or complex multiple procedures to be followed over here.

  • Suitable for Humid Environment

Regardless of what your need is; the vinyl flake floor comes with a water-resistant feature that allows you to stay tension-free regarding the floor condition.

  • Wooden Effect

The newer technologies are coming up with newer designs and features. The vinyl flake flooringin Melbourne will offer you with realistic, raised texture without the worry of water spills or maintenance issue. Above all, they even add beauty to your space by giving a wooden texture.

  • Budget-Friendly

Vinyl flake flooringis a smarter and an inexpensive way to get the appearance of a high-end floor. Update your space at a fraction of the cost of the natural materials found in otherwise traditional floorings.

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Why Should You Consider Vinyl flake flooringin Melbourne?

We offer you with an extensive range of modern vinyl flake flooringoptions to choose from, at the competitive rates.

Our vinyl flake flooringcollection will bring life to your contemporary interiors as they will provide a wood-effect or stone-effect to your space. The trending designs and colours inspired by the earthy textures will bring sophistication and luxury to your project.

The vinyl flake flooringhas the property of resisting moisture absorption even if subjected to standing water or large spills. It is highly durable and resistant to stains and scratches. So, it can be used in many parts of your home, including bathrooms, living rooms and kitchen. Additionally, the flooring has been designed with the durability in mind, making it the perfect option for your homes.

Installing vinyl flake flooringin your home will represent a cost-effective alternative to solid hardwood that doesn’t sacrifice quality. Moreover, the recent technological advancements will give you a look and feel as if you are walking on the real wood.

If you are thinking to switch to vinyl flake flooring, contact us directly at 0405467087. Our experienced professionals will help you in choosing the best flooring for your property.