Vinyl Flake Flooring Melbourne

State of the Art Vinyl Flake Flooring Melbourne

There has been an amazing revolution in the design aesthetics of luxury vinyl flake flooring. It is the ultimate choice for business owners looking for a hard flooring plank option. With its diverse colours, designs and textures, industrial vinyl flooring is becoming one of Melbourne’s favourite flooring options. Horne Industrial Coatings provides a comprehensive vinyl flake flooring service for Melbourne businesses.

Discover the Benefits of Industrial Vinyl Flooring

Horne Industrial Coatings has a huge range for you to select from. We can provide an option that meets (if not exceeds) your flooring requirements. Vinyl flake flooring is a new solution that is becoming incredibly popular for Melbourne business owners.

Decorative flakes are the perfect option for epoxy flooring systems and come in a variety of styles and colours. The selected multi-coloured flakes are incorporated randomly into the resin system whilst it is still in liquid form. These flooring systems are a unique creation that avoids the repetition of tiling, creating a natural, organic appearance.

The flakes can comprise of natural mica material or synthetic materials. We have a range of different sizes for either a finer or coarser appearance as well as a wide range of blends and colours.

Vinyl flake floorings are a durable, stylish and water-resistant option for business flooring. Furthermore, it is highly cost-efficient. Further benefits of industrial vinyl flooring include:

  • Easy Installation: The great thing about industrial vinyl flooring is its ease of installation. No complex, multiple procedures and no hassles make it one of the best flooring solutions to install. This system makes it great for busy enterprises who don’t want their daily operations impeded upon.
  • Suitable for Humidity: Regardless of your needs, vinyl flake flooring is a highly water-resistant solution that allows you and your staff to remain tension-free regardless of the floor conditions.
  • Wooden Aesthetic: New advancements in flooring mean new deigns and features. Industrial vinyl flake flooring will provide your Melbourne business with a raised, realistic texture without any worries of maintenance or water spills. What’s more, they add an enhanced degree of beauty to your business floor by providing a wooden aesthetic.
  • Cost-Efficient: Vinyl flake floorings are an intelligent and cost-effective way to get the aesthetic of a high-end wooden floor. Update your space for a better price.

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