Epoxy Resin Melbourne

Transform A Property Flooring with Epoxy Resin Coatings

Horne Industrial Coatings is a supplier of coatings including epoxy resin in Melbourne. We provide high-quality epoxy resin in Melbourne which can be used in commercial buildings, warehouses and residential buildings.

Epoxy resin is a reactive polymer containing epoxide groups and is a reliable material for commercial and industrial flooring. Epoxy floor coatings are applied over floors made from concrete providing smooth, high performing and durable surface which can withstand heavy loads and last many years.

Epoxy resin is characterized by the following characteristics:

  • High electrical properties
  • Chemical resistance
  • Great strength
  • Low absorption of moisture
  • High viscosity
  • Resistance to heat
  • Durability
  • Safety

Epoxy resin floor coating has many advantages including:

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  • Adding a glossy shine to the floor surface: Epoxy coatings create a shiny surface on the floor. The brightness of the floor can be increased by 200% by using epoxy resin.
  • Increasing durability of the floor surface: As a hard-wearing substance epoxy resin is able to withstand heavy and continuous traffic.
  • Ease of installation: Floors made from epoxy resin are easy to install and can be completed in a short span of time.
  • Special applications: Ideal for industrial applications and many times can be applied even without paint.
  • Can be easily cleaned: The surface of the epoxy resin is resistant to stains and can be easily cleaned which helps in maintaining a hygienic environment.
  • Combination use: It can be combined with paints and colours to fill in chips and cracks.
  • Increased safety: It enhances safety by creating an anti-slip surface which is also heat and fire resistant.
  • Maintenance applications: Epoxy resin floor coatings can be used for preventing floor wear and tear.

Our epoxy resin floor coating in Melbourne is an environmentally friendly product and is excellent for creating driveways, walkable and other flooring areas.

We offer premium quality products and with us, you will find yourself benefitting from:

  • Affordability of our products and services
  • High quality and superior performing products
  • A great variety of the flooring options
  • Great technical expertise combined with experience
  • Expert repair services

Our services are quite beneficial for maintaining the floor and can be additionally used for:

  • Increasing visual appeal of the property
  • Adding value to the property
  • Making innovative renovations
  • Making the property market ready

When you invest in our services you are sure to find:

  • Friendly and cooperative staff
  • Complete customer satisfaction
  • A chance to be our premium client

We are quite pleased to offer our products and services to a property of any type. There is a constant effort to improve our services so that we can serve you better. We value your opinion and preferences, so please get in touch with us with all your special requirements.

Invest in the best quality epoxy resin in Melbourne, call us today at 0405 467 087.